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How to Avoid Asphalt Scams With These Tips

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How to Avoid Asphalt Scams With These Tips

You will want to talk directly with several contractors if your driveway is in bad condition and needs to be completely reconstructed or replaced with blacktop. There are bad apples in any industry that seek to defraud the public by preying on their lack of knowledge about a particular product or process. No exception is made for this industry. Asphalt fraudsters are people who move from city to city without an office or company. Due to this, it is often difficult to monitor these guilty individuals so they will be responsible for their shoddy work. When the job is done, it has to be removed and replaced many times, leaving the householder to pay extra costs to properly fix the access road. To avoid getting dragged to these types of schemes, here are something to look out for when you’re planning to hire an asphalt contractor.

Don’t Trust Door-to-Door Marketing

This type of service takes time and thorough inspection. Don’t trust anyone who knocks on your front door and brings a seemingly sweet offer. Politely decline and close the door. If they insist and use any type of pushy tactics, these are red flags.

Don’t Trust Ads

Ads pop out anywhere these days. Scammers utilize the power of online advertisement. Get enough information with the company like their contact number and location. Double check Google maps or ask around if the company is said to be near your area. Call them ahead and ask for an estimate. A technique to know which ones are scammers is to call at least three to four companies and compare estimates.

Ask for a Contract and Licenses

Just in case you were fooled to think the company is legit and already booked the service, ask for a contract and the necessary licenses or certification. Check their names online to hold them liable. When things don’t go as planned, you have information to start an investigation.

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