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How Much Does a Cubic Foot of Dirt Weigh?

If you have a big job that requires fill dirt to be purchased, it is important to know how much you need, how the dirt is measured, and how many trucks will be needed to deliver it to your location. Even if you have hired a local dirt contractor, being informed will both help them…
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Unless you are someone who is employed in an industry where you work with different types of dirt, you might not realize that there are various dirt options to choose from for each project that you work on. Whether you are filling multiple holes in your yard or starting a full garden in your backyard, it…
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6 Dump Truck Mechanical Systems & How They Work

Dump Trucks One of the most famous and easily recognized vehicles utilized in construction projects, is the dump truck.  Around the world, you will find dump trucks. The hauling of materials is necessary in the construction industry.  This construction equipment comes in huge and daunting sizes. Dump Truck Bed The dump bed allows for the…
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Fill Dirt

What is fill dirt? Whether you work in the construction industry or you struggle to perform at least one home enhancement project per annum, you could end up becoming accustomed to this term. Fill dirt is a popular product among experts in lots of diverse industries and provide a cheap panacea for jobs of all…
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How to Store Potting Soil in the Winter

With gardening season now over, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all the leftover potting soil you have. It seems wasteful to throw it out, and you could use the remaining soil during the next gardening season. Therefore, it is important to understand how to store potting soil. Most people do not…
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Tips For Using A Concrete Screed

Concrete screeds are used for the purpose of leveling out concrete that is wet. Unless you want concrete that is lumpy, using one is highly recommended. Here are some tips for when you choose to use a screed: Get a tool Often times people want to use wood instead of a real screed that is…
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Lime Rock Resources to Acquire Oil & Gas Producing Properties in Oklahoma

Lime Rock Resources, acquirers and operators of producing oil and gas properties in the United States, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire oil and natural gas properties in Cleveland and McClain Counties, Oklahoma from BP America Production Company The properties are located approximately 50 miles east of Lime Rock Resources’ existing Norge unit operations acquired in 2014.…
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Be Wise When Choosing a Contractor

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring an Asphalt Contractor Hiring the right asphalt contractor isn’t an easy task. There are criteria you need to think of before considering a company. There are a lot of promising contractors out there, but you can make your list shorter by identifying the red flags and eliminate the companies…
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Avoid Asphalt Scams With These Tips

Keep an Eye for a Fraudster That Poses as an Asphalt Contractor You will want to talk directly with several contractors if your driveway is in bad condition and needs to be completely reconstructed or replaced with blacktop. There are bad apples in any industry that seek to defraud the public by preying on their…
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Organic Topsoil

Topsoil or organic topsoil is known as the upper layer of a soil profile; this layer is usually darker in color (due to its excessive organic matter content) and more fertile than its counterpart (subsoil). Topsoil is produced as a result of some natural biological and environmental processes. The depth of topsoil ranges from 5-20…
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