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We Deliver And Remove Aggregate Materials to the following states. Choose From Fill Or Building Materials Including: Gravel, Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Concrete Building Blocks And Mix Material, Rebar, Precast Concrete, Asphalt, Sand, Clay, River Rock, Limestone, Crushed Recycled Concrete, Riprap And Manure. Lime Rock is a sedimentary rock composed mostly of the mineral calcite. ... Crushed Lime Rock is add to acidic soil to correct PH Problems it is even feed to chickens to provide calcium. Crushed Limestone is used is pavers and as a paver base material. The Florida Limerock is a source comprised of companies focused on mining and aggregates, such as sand and baserock. Many of our associate members deal with related products and services within the industry of mining; we work to protect the interests and expand the market share of aggregates.

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